K13 is an activewear brand for active women. Bright and creative design is a key element. “K13” brand will set the mood and cheer up the spirit, also help you to be the enter of attention. Quality material has breathable and stretchy features, ideal for sports activities and fitness. The brand is designed and made in Europe, based on the high quality and comfort, as well as attractiveness and creativity.

  • The goal

    To support the interest
    of women in their desire to do
    sports and at the same time look
    attractive by providing them a
    wide range of quality sportswear
    for all types of female figures with
    unique, unusual and creative designs, to make them feel both comfortable and special.

  • The mission

    To motivate women
    to live an active lifestyle, being
    brave, choosing bright prints and
    not being afraid to draw attention
    to themselves. To break the stereotypes that clothes for sports should
    be plain. Refute the opinion that
    sportswear cannot be beautiful
    and comfortable simultaneously.

  • The principle

    Constantly expand the assortment by creating unusual designs, innovate and improve the quality of our clothes, maintaining a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

The Story...

My career in sports began in
childhood. When I was a kid I liked
to wear colorful sportswear for
sport lessons or trainings. I even
got proud and boasted if I got a
new T-shirt with a cool or funny
print. I used to ask my mom to buy
a costume in the brightest color or
with cartoon characters.
When I became an adult I figured out that the most comfortable clothes in the sport stores are
black or other solid colors. Of
course, the color is not so important, and it does not affect your
results, but somehow I started to
lose motivation.

...of the founder

After all, I understood that it is important for us,
WOMEN, to be noticed, to feel
attractive! And it doesn't matter
whether you are a girl or an adult
lady over 30. When we receive an
approving look or a compliment,
we flourish and we are more motivated to try harder, to achieve our
personal new records! When I
wanted to buy bright or colorful
sportswear, I either couldn’t or I
didn’t like the design. So I decided
to make my own. That’s how the
idea of the “K13” brand was born. I
want to motivate women to do
sports and be active, to let themchoose the sportswear they want
to wear, set up the mood and help
them feel confident and attractive!